Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome to Forbidden Reviews!

Welcome! You have entered Forbidden Reviews, a playground for all things adult. As scintillating as this sounds, we do mean all things "grown up." Before we get into what all that entails, let's tell you how this all began.

Forbidden Reviews is a sister site to both the Books Complete Me and Page Turners blogs. Both blogs focus primarily on Young Adult book reviews, but the bloggers felt the need to create a site that focused on the world outside YA. The bloggers of BCM and PTB are friends through the world of TwilightMoms (yes, we love Twilight!), and when we discovered that we had similar ideas, we decided to join forces. After discussions on the possibilities, and having fun just chatting, we all agreed we should come up with a blog that not only linked us back to what first brought us together (Twilight), but also expressed our love of genres outside the young adult/teen world. Thus, Forbidden Reviews was born.

Now, what will be featured on Forbidden Reviews? While each of us love the YA world, we also enjoy reading things with more...bite. Therefore, we will feature reviews of genres including romance, history, science-fiction, horror, biographies, parenting, self-help.... you name it, it may very well show up here. Only one thing is truly "forbidden" on this site: NO Young Adult/Teens/Middle Grades/Children's book reviews will be presented on this blog. You will have to check out Books Complete Me and Page Turners for those. But, we are not stopping there. We will also post the occasional movie or CD review, since movies and music are often a big part of our world as well. This site was designed with the purpose of providing reviews that will benefit the adult who is looking for great books that are intellectually and/or emotionally stimulating, informative, horrifying, or simply of a more mature nature.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer on Forbidden Reviews. Please feel free to comment below, or email us at

**Please Note: Our site is still "under construction." Pixie (from PTB) is working to set up an awesome look for the blog. We appreciate her hard work, and we hope you will too!

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Vivien said...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!