Monday, March 28, 2011

BDB "Characters of Interest"

Several of the BDB Characters do not, as of yet, have their "own book," (and many never will) but they are still quite special and may be reader favorites.  So, we could not do the series justice if we didn't say a word about a few of these characters...

The Scribe Virgin:  The deity of the vampires.  She was granted one act of creation: vampires.  She is all about balance (in fact she has a twin brother, the Omega, more on him later).  Word of advice about the Scribe Virgin- do NOT ask her questions- it's just not healthy.

Fritz/The Doggen:  Doggen are a subspecies that serve vampires.  Doggen live to serve, they love their station, and are very content and happy to serve their vampires. Fritz is the prime example we see of the doggen.  He served the Black Dagger Brother Darius.  Since Darius' death, he has faithfully and happily served Wrath, Beth and the Brotherhood at the Brotherhood's mansion (which also belonged to Darius and passed to his daughter, Beth.)

Tohrment:  This tough, but warm-hearted vampire is perfectly suited to lead the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Considered to be the most level headed of the Brothers,  he's also the most accurate with a gun (in Lover Avenged, he shots a cigarette right out of Vishous's mouth).  Tohr has a particular problem of his own to deal with, but I don't want to give too much away for those who haven't read the series yet (Let's just say, as you need a tissue- make that a whole box of 'em).

Qhuinn: A friend and fellow trainee with John Matthew.  Qhuinn has mismatched eyes, one green and one blue, which essentially makes him an outcast from his family and the glymera (more on them later), because he is "not perfect."  After a fight with Lash, Qhuinn becomes John Matthew's ahstrux nohstrum (private guard appointed by the king).

Blaylock: A friend and fellow trainee with John Matthew.  Qhuinn, Blay, and John Matthew make quite the trio.  Blay is also a good fighter, but he has a bit more... polish than Qhuinn.  The dynamics between Qhuinn and Blay are quite combustible to say the least... not sure how that's going to play out just yet, though we wait with bated breath!

Saxton: A cousin of Qhuinn's, and a vampire lawyer.  Saxton becomes important to Blay, though there again, it will be interesting see how this plays out with Qhuinn...

 The Glymera: The vampire aristocracy.

Havers: Marissa's brother and a doctor.  He's not exactly on the Brothers' "Good" list for various reasons.

iAm: Moor, sometimes called "Shadow"  Friend of Rehvenge and Xhex.

Trez: Moor, sometimes called "Shadow" Friend of Rehvenge and Xhex.

Lassiter:  A fallen angel who is now hanging with the Brothers (in spite of their efforts to get rid of him- apparently at his last appearance on Earth, there was a plague that destroyed 1/3 of the population of Europe...though he claims it wasn't his fault)

The Chosen/Amayla/Layla: Female Vampires that are part of the religious system.  Members of the Brotherhood must be born of a Chosen.  Two of the Chosen we discover a bit about are Amayla and Layla.

Civilian Vampires:  Vampires not of the glymera, the Brotherhood, or the Chosen.

The Omega:  The Scribe Virgin's twin brother and her opposite.  The Omega is the essence of evil.  He was not granted an act of vreation as his twin was, however he can convert humans into lessers by removing the heart and replacing their blood with a portion of himself which returns to him when they are stabbed in the cavity where their heart once existed.

Lash: A cousin of Qhuinn and fellow trainee with Qhuinn, Blay and John Matthew.  Lash is quite the bully, and he seriously dislikes John Matthew.  After one particularly brutal incident, Qhuinn is named John Matthew's  ahstrux nohstrum and we discover what could be the cause of Lash's malevolence toward his classmates.

The Lessening Society/Forelessers: The enemies of vampires, lessers were once human males who have been converted when the Omega removed their heart and replaced their blood with a portion of himself.  Lessers smell like baby powder and the longer they "live" the paler they become.  Because lessers are made from humans, the Omega has essentially an endless supply of slayers. The Forelesser has more power than other lessers and is the Omega's conduit to the temporal plane. There have several forelessers (and lessers for that matter).

So, if you have not read the Black Dagger Brotherhood yet, are you planning to do so?  Let us know! Comment below!

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Jess (Gone with the Words) said...

Great post! I love all of the characters in the series, and I do hope that some of the ones mentioned above get their own books. Tohr, Quinn & Blay, especially. And I love Lassiter, lol.

Unknown said...

Jess- I totally agree! I can't wait to see how she advances various plot lines in Lover Unleashed!!