Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guest Post by Lisa Sanchez & Giveaway

Lisa Sanchez, author of Eve of Samhain and Pleasures Untold (The Hanaford Park Series), took the time to provide us with an awesome guest post. Check out what she had to say. Then, look for an awesome opportunity to win a copy of these great books!

Guest Post Topic: You have gained the favor of the Queen of Faery, and she has granted you the power to bestow one curse and one blessing on people of your choosing. You MUST bestow both within one week or risk her wrath. What will you do with the Queen's gift?

Lisa Sanchez: I’ve often heard the term “each day brings a new surprise” but it wasn’t until I woke this morning that I felt the truth of those words myself.

I rolled out of bed grumbling, much like any other day, padded down the stairs and went straight for the refrigerator. After grabbing my juice and a donut (breakfast of champions!) I sat down at my table, and opened my laptop to check my email. That’s when things got a wee bit strange.

Sitting at the top of my list of new emails was a message from Julie marked “urgent.” I’m a curious girl by nature so I quickly opened to message, wondering what was so pressing. Did she have some interview questions she needed me to answer? Did she hate my books and want to drop out of the blog tour (gasp!) Or better yet, did she love my writing and want to chat about the characters? (My dream!)

Imagine my surprise when I learned that her message was none of those things, but instead was a forwarded message from the Queen of Faery herself. Eeck! As you can imagine, my heart began pounding a wicked beat and my mouth dried up like the Sahara. What did the queen want with me?

Her message, in a nutshell, was as follows: You have gained the favor of the Queen of Faery, and she has granted you the power to bestow one curse and one blessing on people of your choosing. You MUST bestow both within one week or risk her wrath. What will you do with the Queen's gift?

Holy snot rockets! Seriously? What had I done to deserve her favor, and what the heck was I going to do? Her gift, though amazing, came with a great deal of responsibility.

Never one to make rash decisions, I consulted my most trusted counsel: the hubby. I’ll refrain from repeating his first response. Let’s just say it was a typical male answer and was entirely sexual in nature. Men! When I pressed him, reminding him of the serious nature of the gift, he shrugged and replied “Bless them with money, curse them with beauty.” Uh…yeah, he was no help at all.

I then turned to my youngest daughter and relayed the queen’s gift, curious as to what her thoughts on the matter might be. Never one to hold back what she thinks, she quickly responded with “make them love each other and give them some money.” Bless her heart.

I’d received two suggestions, both of which included bestowing wealth upon people of my choosing. True, our country and specifically our great state of California are both in the midst of economic crisis, but would a blessing of money really help? My immediate thought on this was “YES!” Give these people some money. Help them stay in their homes. Help them feed and clothe their children. Prosperity is a wonderful blessing. Thing is, money doesn’t last, and it doesn’t always make you happy. The queen had bestowed upon me a great and wondrous gift, and it was my responsibility to make sure I used it wisely. While prosperity would be highly beneficial, I was sure I could do a wee bit better. My youngest daughter had been onto something.

After a great deal of thought (and another donut), I’d finally made my decision. It wasn’t enough to just bless my friends. Heck, it wasn’t enough to just bless our great nation. The queen hadn’t placed any limitation on the amount of people I could bestow my gift upon. She’d specified “the people of your choosing.” I knew right away I had to go global. Yep. I would bless the population of planet earth with unconditional love. Down with hatred and bullying. Up with loving your neighbor and forgiving them the little things. Cheesy as it may sound, this world of ours could use a fat heap of unconditional love, and a lot less violence. No more casting judgment. No more hating people because they’re different. Feel the love, people!

Okay, got a little carried away there. Sorry about that.

Sigh…That left me with the curse. I’d just bestowed the gift of love on earth’s population. Did I really, then, want to curse them with my next breath? Um…NO! I needed to be crafty. I needed to curse them with something that wasn’t bad, something that wouldn’t hurt them.

Ah ha! Ding ding ding! Prosperity! I’d wanted to bless them with copious amounts of cold, hard cash earlier, but opted for love instead. Why not curse the planet with prosperity. I’d wipe out world hunger! I’d wipe out homelessness! People would be happy, clothed, fed and clean. They’d have homes to keep them dry and warm, and our streets would be safer for all. The need for theft would be eradicated. Booyah! I’d found my curse!

Excited, I hastily replied to the queen’s forwarded message, sat back and bit my lip. Hopefully my reply wouldn’t get stuck in her SPAM folder. I could count on two hands the number of people who didn’t love me unconditionally. Not to mention, I was tight on cash and out of donuts. Hopefully she worked fast!

Thanks, Lisa, for this awesome guest post!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!

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Michele said...

Thanks for the chance to win girls!!! WOOHOO!!!
Would love tis ebook for my Kindle!!

Lisa said...

That interview was so funny and really thoughtful. And by the way I love Lisa Sanchez's hair. It's really gorgeous!

Elisa Dane said...

Yay! Thanks for having me on your blog, Julie! And thanks, Lisa, for the awesome comment about my hair! My stylist and I both thank you! Mwah!