Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning Madness

Welcome to the first ever Monday Morning Madness post. 

What is Monday Morning Madness, you ask?  Well, here at Forbidden we know all about the Monday morning craziness: trying to recover from the weekend, clearing up all the things that went wrong over the weekend, and well Mondays really are the crabgrass on the lawn of life.

With that said, we wanted to put some fun into Mondays.  Each Monday we will pose a question or debate.  Questions could be anything from your favorite paranormal creature to your favorite cookie; debates will be in the following format A vs. B and will be a wide range of topics as well.  Whether it is a question or debate, we will give you response from our team members, but the most important part- we want to know YOUR opinion!  We want you as a Forbidden Follower to tell us your answer, and have fun with it!

Oh, and on occasion, we will throw in a giveaway on Monday- not every week, but enough to keep you guessing...

So, come join the madness every Monday.  Have a little fun with us!

This week, we will start with a debate...

E-book VS. Book

Forbidden Team Responses:

Julie: Book
Kendra: Book
Stacey: Book
Pixie: Book
Cindy: E-book
Amy: E-Book
Mindy: Book
Nicole: Book

What do you think?  Book or E-book?  Which do you prefer?


Bex said...

Oh, but that is so hard! I prefer e-books for so many reasons! Like it's amazing when I'm tired, and can barley keep my eyes open, and be able to zoom the text or change spacing! It's so much nicer for the eyes. It's almost half the price compared to buying a paperback here in Sweden. I don't have to wait for two weeks to get it...

But I LOVE holding books, turning real pages, smelling them, putting them on my shelves...

Right now e-books are the ones I prefer though, since it is much, much easier for me to get a hold of the books I read and get them for a better price. At the moment, I don't have the space for my PB's either, so. Yes, e-books now!

Rebecca @ kindle fever

Anonymous said...

I prefer books. I love my kindle for being able to carry as many books as I want with me, but there's just something really satisfying about holding a book and turning the pages.

That said, there is a bit of a storage issue. But I trade most of the books I don't think I'll read again in at a local used bookstore for store credit.

Joanna said...

For three reasons, I now prefer ebooks. One, there so much easier to hold when reading in bed. Two, your not limited to how many you can take with you on a trip or the size of the novel, plus transporting is a breeze. Three, space is limited, and I hate to get rid of my books even those that are not my favorite.

However, I do miss showing off my collection. To me, books displayed right can be art. But with ebooks, I still get the experience of what I am reading just as much as if I held the real thing in my hands, and that is all that really matters.

Reneem1 said...

Ebook: 1) less hand cramps 2) bigger font...easier to read, don't lose my place so easily as with tiny book font.