Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Madness- Take 5

What is Monday Morning Madness, you ask?  Well, here at Forbidden we know all about the Monday morning craziness: trying to recover from the weekend, clearing up all the things that went wrong over the weekend, and well Mondays really are the crabgrass on the lawn of life.

With that said, we wanted to put some fun into Mondays.  Each Monday we will pose a question or debate.  Questions could be anything from your favorite paranormal creature to your favorite cookie; debates will be in the following format A vs. B and will be a wide range of topics as well.  Whether it is a question or debate, we will give you responses from our team members (sometimes these will be in comments!), but the most important part- we want to know YOUR opinion!  We want you as a Forbidden Follower to tell us your answer, and have fun with it!

Oh, and on occasion, we will throw in a giveaway on Monday- not every week, but enough to keep you guessing...

So, come join the madness every Monday.  Have a little fun with us!

This week's question:
What is your favorite reading spot?


coley said...

In all serious-ness, I really like reading in a bubble bath!! Otherwise, I have an old chair near my bookshelves and I'll read there (there's also a window which lets in the best light!)

Unknown said...

My favorite reading spot is in bed. I use a bunch of pillows if I want to sit up, or I just lay down and enjoy my current read.

Amy said...

My favorite place is snuggled up in my big chair with the ottoman. It is perfect! When I have a good old fashion book not my kindle a bubble bath is my second favorite. I also enjoy taking 5 minute breaks at work to sneak in a chapter here or there.