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Slow Burn Blog tour...Getting to know Author Ednah & Characters Ron & Ashley


BCM: thank you so much for allowing us to host your Blog Tour for SLOW BURN. What an incredible book. It was so fun to read. It had EVERYTHING. Mystery, passion, jealousy, hidden pasts, historic buildings....MY GOODNESS what an incredible imagination you have! Thank you so much for that. We are SO looking forward to the rest of the series. You did mention that this is going to be a series, right???
  • Ednah: Thank you for the warm welcome, Mindy. Yes, it is going to be a family series. Each story with have a Fitzgerald member of the family as either a hero or heroine, and readers get a chance to catch up with the previous couples.

BCM: Where would be your ideal place to live?
  • Ednah: Near the ocean. I love the sounds of waves.

BCM: Would you prefer the country or city living?
  • Ednah: Country, as long as I have Internet access.

BCM: Will you continue to include the sexy scenes in the rest of the series?
  • Ednah: Wait until your read Mine Until Dawn…phew. Vince is super hot and an amazing lover,so yes, expect steamy scenes.

BCM: How many books do you anticipate in the series?
  • Ednah: Hmm, since all of Ashley’s cousins are unmarried, I have plenty of stories ahead. Jade’s and Baron’s are done. I was halfway through Faith’s story when I stopped to write Betrayed, the second book in my young adult series. I still need to write Lex, Chase and Eddie’s stories. Oh, Eddie. Mindy, you’re going to love him. It will take one heck of a woman to tame him. So that’s a total of seven books, three done, four to go. Thanks for having me, Mindy. I've gotta run, and I have two people anxiously waiting to talk to you.
Mindy…*walking Ednah to the door and gives her a hug*: Thank you for coming. Promise to visit us again.

Ednah:  Promise.

*Mindy watches Ednah hug Ron and press cheeks with Ashley then steps back as Ron and Ashley enter her office, his hand on the small of her back*.

Ron & Ashley:

Mindy: *speaking to* Ron and Ashley. This is quite an honor, especially after reading your story and the interview my friend Tevya did. Thank you for agreeing to talk to me. Please, have a
seat. *Mindy waves toward the chairs*.

Ron and Ashley: Thank you, Mindy.

*Ron waits until Ashley sits, then he takes the seat next to hers and her hand in his. For a moment, they stare into each other’s eyes then turn to face Mindy*.

Ashley: It’s nice to meet you, Mindy. Ednah speaks highly of you.

Mindy smiles: Oh, that’s nice. So, uh, I’ll try to be as brief as possible. I’ll ask questions both of you should answer then move to specific questions. Ron, what do you find attractive in a woman?

Ron glances at Ashley and chuckles: You know what I like, babe, don’t you? Why don’t you tell her?

Ashley: She asked you, not me.

Ron…*chuckles then glances at Mindy*: Curves. A beautiful smile. A sense of humor. She has them all.

*Ashley smiles and bumps him with her shoulder*.

Ron: Just stating the truth.

Mindy: What about you, Ashley? What do you find attractive in a man?

Ashley sighs: As an artist, the blend and play of muscles on a male body fascinates me, but the eyes get me all the times. The twinkle, the color variation and the intensity are surely a window to the soul of the man behind them.

Mindy: Romance or sex?

Ron *glances at Ashley and grins*: Sex, and plenty of it.

Ashley *blushes*: Stop it!

Ron *steals a kiss and chuckles *: You know you agree wholeheartedly, babe,

Ashley *glances at Mindy*: Don’t listen to him. He’s very romantic and we have our romantic moments

Ron: Before sex, during, after.

Ashley *groans*.

Mindy: Which do you prefer dating or marriage?

Ron *kisses her knuckles*: It doesn’t matter. She and I are meant to be together. I’m meant to love her just as she’s meant to love me.

Mindy *sighs dreamily*: Oh, that’s cute.

Ron: But I can’t wait to make her mine and bind her to me forever.

Mindy: Ashley?

Ashley *smiles at Ron*: Marriage. I want to make you mine in every way.

Mindy: Ashley. First impression of Ron when he showed up at your house and you thought he was a model?

Ashley smiles: Gorgeous, cocky, too used to charming his way in and out of situation. Still, I couldn't wait to paint him.

Mindy: First impression of Ashley when she thought you were a model?

Ron: She had me at ‘briefs’.

Mindy: Now that you two are an item, what is next on the agenda?

Ron: Short engagement…plenty of babies.

Ashley: Short engagement…two babies.

Mindy: Will you keep photography as a career Ashley?

Ashley: Oh yes. Photography and painting.

Mindy: Ron will you continue to live your double life of executive & fireman?

Ron: Absolutely. Ash and I discussed it and agreed that firefighting is in my blood.

Mindy: Thank you again, Ashley & Ron, for taking time to talk with us!

Ron and Ashley: It was our pleasure.

Mindy *escorts them to the door and waves*.

HOLY CRAP what amazing people they all are! I need some wine. Someone PLEASE bring me a bottle!

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Laura said...

Mindy, you did it again! Awesome interview. Loved Ron's comment: "before, during, and after". Just between the two of us *whispers* What was he like in the flesh?

Unknown said...

Girl, I am SO SURPRISED Ashley did not say something to me. I think I drooled all over myself the whole time. Ednah TOTALLY did not prepare me for that interview enough. He is SO MUCH finer in person *giggles* PLEASE don't tell Ashley because she is a DOLL. But I think she knows how good she has it *evil grins*

Unknown said...

And I can't take all the credit. I had incredible INTERVIEWEES. Ednah, Ashley & Ron are INCREDIBLE! They are truly wonderful and talented!

Shelby Rodewald said...

Mindy I loved the interview!!! Love, LOVE the characters Ron and Ashley already! Ednah I sincerely hope to get the chance to read this book soon!

Tevya said...

Great interview Min!!!!! Loved reading it. *sigh* Ron.....

Anonymous said...

Awe, Ron and Ashley are so cute together. (My favorite color is golden yellow, lol)


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the comments and the love. Stay husband is picking the winner now. STAY TUNED!!! (I wrote the names on papers and had him draw)...drum roll please..........

Unknown said...

Sorry, I was MIA the last few days. Kids were sick, missed school, so I was a nurse 24-7, then there are end-of-school stuff, DH is out of town.. Promise to be more engaged with Mine Until Dawn. You're amazing. Thanks.