Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Power of the Moon by Tina Carreiro

Power of the Moon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release date: July 4th 2011
Publisher: Firefly & Wisp Publishing

Goodreads: After trying to help a homeless man whose aura has him marked for death, Mia, is in more trouble than she knows. Soon she meets Detective Cole Barnett. A man that shatters her world in more ways than one, and shows her a world of fear as well as desire. 

My review: the blurb above does this book NO JUSTICE! I will be honest. If you are a fan of The Blackdagger Brotherhood series, you have to read this book! I am dead serious!!! I loved this book so much. The story line is intense. It is such a page turner! I power read this book. I stayed up until 3:00am the first night and the second night I stayed up until....6:00am reading it! (I have to be at work at 7:30am). 

Mia is an average young adult. She works a normal job at a gas station. She has become best friends with one of her co-workers. She lives every day like everyone else. Except...she has special abilities to see aura's, dead people and a few other special talents. Mia knows things about people that she should not. People shun her because she scares them. Mia does not realize how incredible her gifts truly are until she comes head to head with a very scary man. Mia is not sure where the strength came from to stand up to this man to protect her homeless friend but she used every ounce she could. The homeless man left on his own accord, so the police are unable to help Mia with her crazy story. 

When Detective Cole Burnett shows up, Mia feels like fool. She is super surprised that he BELIEVES her story of what she THOUGHT happened in the gas station that night. Meeting Cole, Mia finds herself seriously attracted to him and scared out of her mind. What parallel hell on earth has she gotten herself into? Mia finds out that strange things DO go bump in the night, not everyone is who they seem, you never know who your friends and enemies truly are and you never really truly know yourself. 

This book is an EPIC vampire story. If you are shaking your head because you are tired of vampire stories, you are missing out big time! I will NEVER get tired of Vampires. EVER!!! If you are a fan of Sookie/True Blood & Blackdagger Brotherhood and love the romance of Twilight...THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! It is filled with love, hate, raw emotion, STEAMY sex and a scene that makes the song "Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith play over and over in your head. Did I mention the passion and the steam? Seriously...this book causes global warming for REAL!!!

Tina has stated that the first print of her book is currently out. She is waiting for the second print to come out. Please stay tuned to one of the Tina's sites below of when you are able to get your hands on this incredible book!! 

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Tina Carreiro said...

Thank you, Mindy! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the read. :)

Unknown said...

I love your site!! You are a stop on my blog tour and I thought I would stop by and I really love your site! I am your newest follower and I grabbed your badge. You should come on over and check out my blog sometime, as well as all my other books if you get a chance :)