Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman

Author Brenda Youngerman

Published By: Eloquent Books
Publication Date: April 2011

Author blog: A name does not make a person, a person makes a name. Such is the theme 
of Disrupted Lives, the story of how one adopted child touches and intersects with many lives, but ends up destroying one family name, while building another family’s legacy.

Darren and Amelia Kane were high school sweethearts torn apart by war. They reunite and discover that they both must put their nightmares behind 
them to build a life together. Betrayed by her parents, Amelia was forced to give up their child.

Fiona Porter and Sterling Lake are thrown together as part of a business proposition. They end up surprising both their families by enriching the Lake empire and family name. The Lakes become synonymous with society, power and money, and their children must carry that torch forward at all cost. When an adopted grandchild is brought into the family it questions the definition of ‘family.’

From 1920 to present-day Georgia, this saga of family secrets and old Southern prejudices are explored in the explosive novel Disrupted Lives.

My Review: What a refreshing break from paranormal. I am usually a paranormal queen. Every once in a while I take a reality break and delve into the real world. What an incredible story author Brenda Youngerman  has created. 

This era is amazing to me. While part of me loves the Southern lifestyle, the other part of me cannot imagine being considered lesser of a person for being a woman. The control that parents and husbands had over young women is mind blowing in today's standards. Forced to give up a baby due to the ultimate betrayal, Darren and Amelia Kane find one another again. The trials and tribulations of their past are always within arms reach. Somethings in life never leave you, no matter what. 

Sometimes it takes generations to figure out family secrets and hidden skeletons. In Disrupted Lives, the present and past collide and unfold into an incredible story of how so many lives are changed by the adoption of a child and how money can change families, both for the better and worse.

Any time that you can read a book and not only come away from it with a great story but also a meaning, you have an incredible book. This is what you find with Disrupted Lives. 

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awesome review Mindy! But then again I love all your reviews. :) !!

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Thanks for the great review Mindy!