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Micah Dominus Interview Pandora's Box by Gracen Miller


IF YOU ARE NOT 18+, please stop reading now. This is an adult book and open to 18+ ONLY!

My Interview with Micah Dominus, one of the lead characters in Pandora's Box, book 1 in the Road to Hell Series by Gracen Miller. 

*watches Micah enter the room, his long stride sure and confident. A dark blue pull-over shirt stretched taut across his broad, muscular chest. His designer jeans coveted his ass, but not nearly as much as she did. Straight blond hair, parted at the side tangled around his chin. His baby-blue gaze honed in on her and a slight grin titled the edges of his mouth. One word described him best. Sexy. Good enough to eat, he radiated heat, stirred up lust in her loins and she knew she could dine on him all night long.*

Mindy: *clears her throat* "welcome Micah. Thank you for meeting with me"

Micah: *settles into chair and offers a smile* Thanks for having me, Mindy.

Mindy: I understand that you want to share something in this interview that you feel everyone needs to know about you, correct? 

Micah: *nods* I feel I’m gravely misunderstood in Madison’s recounting of our marriage and my actions since. Pandora’s Box does not highlight me in a particularly good light. I have not been given a fair shake. My story needs to be told so you all won’t be biased against me. So you’ll understand at the heart of me, I’m a very feeling and emotional individual. All my actions are conducted for specific reasons and not participated in lightly.

Mindy: Thank you for that insight Micah. I really think that it is crucial for everyone to hear that from you. I happen to be a HUGE fan of yours, in case you have not noticed!
Ok let's get started!

Micah: You’re running the show, Mindy, and I’m eager to please you.

Favorite Color: Red because it’s sexy, along with radiates warmth and brazenness. It’s also the color of human life…blood. And blood sacrifices in the paranormal realm are very powerful.

Favorite Food:  Souls. The less sinful ones taste like stolen manna from heaven. When I bite into one, they burst like a ripe melon on my tongue…ah—*closes his eyes as if savoring the taste in that moment*—the aftertaste is exquisite. They’re not for all appetites, of course.

Wine or liquor: Pricey liquor.

Best place to have sex
(what I can't help it...LOOK at this guy): Are we talking sex with my wife or with someone else? If not with my wife, anywhere there’s a chance of getting caught. It adds to the excitement.
 Micah: Maybe after the official interview, you might wish to ask that question in private?
 Mindy*blushes madly, tries to talk and just nods*

Special gifts: *crosses an ankle over his knee* I’ve been told I have an award winning smile. *flashes a grin* I’m a smooth talker and can easily convince even the most astute human into seeing things my way.

Favorite car: I don't often have the need for a car. As long as it is fast, has clean lines and is flashy, I'm pleased. Although Madison did love my black Porsche I had when we met.

Ideal date: Anywhere, doing anything with my lovely wife, Madison, at my side, preferably holding my hand.

Occupation: *laughs* Husband and father are my most valued roles.

Date of birth:  Let’s just say, November 6th.

Where he was born: *tosses hair out of his face* That’s classified information, sweetheart.

Any siblings: A brother named Elias.

Thank you so much for joining us today Micah. I have REALLY enjoyed this interview. Maybe we can meet up again soon.

Micah: Thanks for having me today Mindy *winks*. I had a great time answering your questions. If ANYONE has any further questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. *kisses  Mindy on the cheek and leaves*



Excerpt from Pandora's Box:

Drive.” She tossed Phoenix the keys. “Fast!”
“Backseat, sunshine.” She pulled the passenger door open and motioned to the backseat.
“I can’t fit in the backseat,” Gage argued.
Yeah, the Sherlock stood at least six-foot five. Not her problem or a valid argument at the moment. “Would you rather die? ‘Cause I’m not a backseat kinda gal, well, I am, but I need motivation and—”
“You’re not a gal,” he shot back, jutting his chin out. “And TMI.”
“Touché.” She rolled her eyes. “I got work to do, and there’s not enough room in the backseat.”
“Gage, get in, goddamnit!” Phoenix bellowed, cranking the vehicle. She stared at Gage’s ass—great ass, Zoe was a lucky gal—as he bellyached about being forced into the too tiny backseat. Flicking a glance at Phoenix, she was surprised to see him fondling the car’s dash and salivating at the fine lines of the vehicle.
Petra shivered at the thought, as if his hands caressed her instead. She turned back to Gage, who squeezed between the headrests and into the backseat in a disorderly fashion, all legs and arms. His ass became wedged between the two seats. Any other time, she’d have laughed hysterically. Right now…she put a hand on his butt and shoved, jumping into the front passenger seat as he tumbled into the rear.
“Buckle up.” Phoenix flashed a cocky grin and jerked the car into reverse. Petra’s head smacked the headrest as he punched it into drive and squealed out of the parking lot.
Yeah, like buckling up was top priority right now.
Street lights and cars zipped past them, a blur, as Phoenix accelerated to almost eighty miles an hour, pretty fast for city streets. “Nice car.”
“I’m sure the owner thanks you.”
“Where’d you get it?” He fondled the steering wheel as he sped through two red lights without slowing down.
“Hijacked it.”
“A Maserati?” He quirked an eyebrow at her as he shifted lanes quickly, and swerved back into the original roadway. “What, too many Hondas to pick from?”
“The Hondas didn’t fit my mood.” Petra pulled her shirt over her head and chucked it onto the floorboard. “Wrong color.” She sent him a snarky grin.
“Wh-what are you doing?” Gage demanded from behind them, and Phoenix shot her an uncertain gander as well.
“Protecting your ass.”
“By removing your clothing?” Gage sounded more than a little prudish.
“Yeah, stripping and fucking you will protect your ass…not.”
“Sarcasm is not—what the hell are you doing now?” Gage again.
She wished he’d shut up. She needed to concentrate. Ignoring him, she carved elaborate symbols on her left arm with the blade.
“What the fu—” Phoenix veered into oncoming traffic. To a bevy of bleating horns, he wrenched the vehicle back into his lane, slamming her against the door hard enough to jar her teeth.
Blood dripped on her jeans and the car seat. The owners weren’t going to be too happy when they located the vehicle. “Drive faster! I’ve been compromised.”
Phoenix punched it, hitting one hundred. “Compromised? What exactly does that mean?”
“And how does that cutting shit protect our asses?” Gage’s prudish voice grated on her nerves.
Petra sighed, and went to work engraving the designs on her other arm.

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Loves All Things Books said...

Awe man.......I sure loves me some Micah. I bought this book on release day, its my absolute fav. Don't ask me to choose a life lesson, they were all great and had me pumped for PB but I'd have to say that I loved the time she called him after catching her mom with the deacons.

Kristina's Books & More said...

Darn I deleted my reciept! Loved the interview! ;) Micah is so sexy!

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies! If you bought PB email me and tell me a few lines from the book (give me the chapter and approx page #, ones that have not been posted somewhere) and you will be entered!!

Kristina's Books & More said...

Here's my quote:

Chapter 44 page 264: "He'd been the target, and his love got her used against him. He let her believe as she wished and said nothing."

Anonymous said...

I would love to read and review this book, thank you for the giveaway! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom
GFC Krystal Larson

Loves All Things Books said...

I swear blogger is the spawn of satan...I can never access the comments from my laptop, I end up having to go mobile. But I'm here with smiles for my lovely book lover friends :)

I emailed you a few lines from my favorite chapter.

Gracen Miller said...

But...but...TICH! I want to know what those lines are too!!! lol

Good luck to all of ya! Tich and Kristina, you don't know how excited it makes me to know you both liked PB! Woot!


hotcha12 said...


Gracen Miller said...

Howdy, Hotcha! Yes, Micah does likes Jack Daniels, but he also has a taste for Herradura Seleccion Suprema tequila, which is about $400 a bottle. He enjoys indulging in the finer things in life. lol


Katie Dalton said...

First off Happy Birthday! Second this book sounds like a great read, I didn't know about the author until now so thank you for that.

And heck yes to a Porsche! ZOOM ZOOM BABY!

BellaBunnell said...

What a surprising and fantastic start. Gracen had me right away. Cannot wait to read more. The characters are fresh, interesting and exciting! I want to know more about them all. Amos may be the devil's spawn but he's got a story right up my very dark alley. And Nix...well, well...Madison, I wouldn't want to trade places, yet!
Love the interview Mindy and thanks for the giveaway! Gracen you've got a hit on your hands and you know it!
Hellhound Bella(Shelley)

Robin said...

Happy birthday!

Denise Z said...

How awesome - Happy Birthday Mindy. I heard from a little birdie on facebook today that you were having some fun here and I hopped over to your lovely blog. I have signed up to follow and look forward to reading more of what you have to say. I am been stalking this tour and thank you also for participating in the fun giveaway opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I wanna know why he's having sex with someone other than his wife! *hangs head in shame b/c clearly I haven't read the book, but I've had deadlines and my kids won't go away* ;c) Congrats, Gracen!

Kristina's Books & More said...

I am following this blog via Networked Blogs. I'll try to follow through GFC later because it won't show up. I am also following Gracen's blog as KristinaHaecker.

I've already read PB. I loved everything about it. How protective Mads is with Amos, Micah, Nix, all the different kinds of demons. It's all so amazing.

It's hard to pick a favorite Life Lesson. I've read them all and they all have something different to offer. 14 is definitely one of my favorites because Madison calls Micah to her after what happened with her mother. I liked seeing how much he cared about her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINDY! (even though it was a few days ago and I told you on facebook lol)


Unknown said...

Glad to see so many eager entrants!

REMEMBER: if you do not leave your email address, I can't get in touch with you if you win!!! So please leave me your email address!!!

Contest will end on Sept 9th. Winners will be contacted on the 11th or 12th.

Misty said...

For my review and what i thought of the book...heres the link...
P.S. Im dieing to read book 2!!!!!!!

I would have to say my favorite life lesson would be Lesson 26 because that's where it all ends and yet begins

Gracen you kick a** girl!!!

Misty T

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Hi, All I can say Gracen is I want MORE!!!! Three chapters aren't enough :) I will give a full review when I get to read it all. My favorite Life Lesson is #13 because Micah comes to Madison's rescue and maybe finds the reason my her dad is like he is. I can't wait to get your book, I'm experiencing budget cuts right now :(

I fallow this and MLL's blog through GFC.


Unknown said...

Ok that was a really mean tease!! Hmm what do I think will happen. I think that whatever is happening to Amos has something to do with his father and the difference in his blood. And let's just say Nix has already gotten me hot and bothered. I want to find out more, I have a feeling that this gang has a lot in store.

Kind of reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode where the child can kill people with just a look, you were ok as long as you did everything he wanted and kept him happy. If not, watch out..your dead.

Can't wait to


I am a GFC follower as well

Unknown said...

Ok sorry I have been slacking! I have WINNERS!!!

Swag Pack for Pandora's box winners are:

*Bella Bunnell
*Miranda @MY Eclectic Bookshelf

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*Kristina's Books and More
*Denise Z
*Brandy B aka Brandywyne

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