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Blood of Anteros (The Vampire Agápe #1) by Georgia Cates

Blood of Anteros (The Vampire Agápe #1)

From Goodreads: I was tantalized by the mystery of her. The leech inside me came out to find prey, but found none in this enigmatic girl. The close proximity of her essence didn’t entice the monster within, so what did that make her? I had more questions than answers, but one thing was unmistakable; although she released me from her embrace, her hold on me remained. Cruel circumstances turned Curry Brennan into the wretched monster he hates and refuses to accept, but when an expected turn of events releases him from the bond of his obsessive maker, he returns to the home he knew 161 years earlier and finds the return of happiness and joy in something he didn’t know existed. Puzzled by his growing attraction to Chansey Leclaire, a human, he is unable to resist the captivating relationship that threatens to reveal his existence as a vampire. He eventually discovers the reason he was destined to find what he didn’t know he searched for and is faced with the cruel realization that the living and the immortal undead will always be separated by one thing. Eternity.

My Review:
Lets start with the book cover. Although this was my first e-book, the author Georgia Cates provided the most beautiful book cover. I will have to admit that this time, I didn't study the cover prior to reading the book. I was being rebellious, and I'm glad I did.

The cover shows a beautiful young lady with inviting golden eyes, crimson red lips matching the crimson red rose in her hair. She looks innocent yet behind those golden eyes there is much more.

Where to begin in this beautiful romance novel. You meet the handsome Curry Brennan and from the beginning you are on Team Curry. His character is so kind and has gone through so much, you want nothing but greatness for this Vampire. The author, Georgia Cates, made sure she lets her audience feel his pain and sorrow by pulling at the heart strings, and allowing Curry to tell his story slowly so it can be absorbed.

Once I was fully in love with Curry, Chansey Leclaire entered the picture. A young beautiful southern bell. Now initially I was a bit jealous, wasn't Curry supposed to be my Vampire? Oh, no... that's right, he's a character. But that is what is amazing about how Georgia Cates wrote her book, she makes you fall in love with him. Not only Curry, but my heart is a little warm to Curry's mentors, Solomon and Sebastian. She had me wanting more of these mysterious Vampires.

Now Miss Chansey Leclaire is an amazing young woman herself. She is a firecracker, ready to take on Curry and everything that he thought he knew about himself, is changed so dramatically due to this fiery young lady. She grabs him in a way that he cannot even handle. And did I mention he is a big bad Vampire? Not a match for Chansey, by no means!

This is not your ordinary love story of the man whipping in on his magical white steed to whisk the young lady away in the sunset. No, this is a love story that is slow burning, mysterious and delicious.

This was the first time I actually wished I owned a Kindle or some sort of e-reader, I was constantly yearning to continue reading even when I couldn't transport my laptop with me. The book was a quick read of 165 pages, and let me say this. I was screaming at the computer screen when the book ended and I was left with a billion unanswered questions. I am now anxiously awaiting for book 2 to come out to see how the story unfolds. I have a deep feeling there are a lot of flips and twists ahead in this series and maybe I will get a little more of Solomon and Sebastian. The author, Georgia Cates, has me hook, line and sinker!
This book was BEYOND Good To The Last Drop!

About The Author: (information provided by Goodreads and Georgia Cates book)
ebook, 1st
Published :September 21st 2011 by Georgia Cates
Original title: Blood of Anteros (The Vampire Agápe Series #1)
The Vampire Agápe #1

About Georgia Cates
Georgia is a lifelong Mississippi girl. She is a wife, mother of two daughters, labor and delivery nurse and avid lover of anything paranormal and romantic. Like others that enjoy a great paranormal romance, she is easily bored by the tale of an ordinary, obtainable romance and was inspired to create something new and refreshing called The Vampire Agápe Series. She is ecstatic about the debut release of Daughter of Anteros, and when she isn’t tied up with her family and delivering babies, she is working feverishly on the second edition in The Vampire Agápe Series.

Connect with Georgia
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with Georgia at and follow her on Facebook at http://



Unknown said...

I just want to thank Syreeta for the beautiful review and the opportunity to be featured. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and you'll be the first person I contact when Book 2 is completed.

Christy said...

After reading your review I just had to buy this book. It sounds like a great read and I can't wait to get started. Plus it's a wonderful buy at just $.99.