Sunday, May 6, 2012

Misty Lady Beading Fundraiser PLEASE READ!

 Hello fellow book lovers!

I interrupt this book blogging wonderfulness *waggles eyebrows* to present to you a challenge.

My friend at Misty Lady Beading  is holding a fundraiser for the Brad Anderson Fund.

I am not asking you for any money towards this fundraiser. What I am asking you is this:

Please go to Misty Lady Beading's Facebook page and check out the items she is auctioning off for the fundraiser. If you just COMMENT on the ones you like and tag me in it (Mindy Janicke). If we are not friends on FB, you can tag @Forbidden Reviews or Friend me or message me on Facebook.

I am going to bid on several pieces and hopefully win at least one. The reason I am asking you to tag me on these pieces is because after the auction is over, I will GIVE AWAY at least one of piece(s) I win RIGHT HERE ON FORBIDDEN REVIEWS!!!

Again, you are not required to donate or bid on anything. If you choose to do so, you are doing of your own free will (honestly though Misty Lady Beading is incredible. Kate's pieces are incredible and I honestly own SEVERAL of her items).

Thank you everyone!

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