Monday, August 6, 2012

Salvaged Pieces of a Werewolf Lost by Elizabeth J Kolodziej

Release Date: July 10th 2012
Publisher: Third Broom on the Left Press
Adult Paranormal

Amazon: Zou Tai is lost after learning his birth caused his blood to be connected to the evil King Lycaon, the original werewolf. Needing to find answers about his lineage he decides to go to Japan and seek the elder monk.

However, the worst of it all happens when he is told one of the Thirteen Werewolf Warriors is killed by Japanese vampires. Knowing the warriors are the strongest of any other werewolf, the prince of werewolves grows suspicious over the death of his beloved friend. Especially after he finds out Tadashi was in love with a female human, breaking a law that is punishable by death.

When he locates the woman Tadashi loves, more questions are raised when she points the finger at Zou Tai’s cousin and magistrate, Deshi. With more questions than answers Zou Tai is pitted between his friends and the laws that bind him. But why would the magistrate have wanted to kill Tadashi? And how were the crazy Japanese vampires involved?

*This novella takes place after Werewolf Descent, (book 2 in The Last Witch Series)*

My review: OMG Author Elizabeth J Kolodziej has done it again. This novella was GREAT! I am SO IN LOVE with this series. From the first page of Vampyre Kisses, I was HOOKED on Faith's world. Faith finds out she is the last witch in existence. When she finds out her new boyfriend, Trent is a vampire, she takes the supernatural world by STORM! Most people would flip out at the thought of having supernatural beings in their life, not Faith. She embraced it and ran with it. LOVE HER! 

Zou Tai, Prince of Werewolves and Faith become great friends. Much to the dismay of Trent, Faith and Zou Tai have a special bond. To find out more of this epic tale of supernatural beings, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves and numerous other supernatural creatures and hunters read book 1 Vampyre Kisses and Book Two Werewolf Descent & soon to be released Witch Devotions book 3 in the series. 

Zou Tai's novella is dedicated to the life of the Prince of Werewolves. In this novella, we get the back story of the importance of Zou Tai's birth, the ties to his homeland of Japan and the loyalty of his people. We meet two very special characters: Tadashi and Mandy. The story of these two tie directly back to Zou Tai and everything in his world. Tadashi and Mandy make an amazing bittersweet story. You will love how they meet, the commitment they make to each other and the lengths they go to for love. You will love this novella. It is a very powerful story filled with amazing characters and a story line that will stay with you long after you read the last word.

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