Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Tour


Halloween Trick or Treat Trot

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Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Tour

Trick or Treat
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The word in the photo is your “treat”! Make sure you keep it in a safe place. “Visit” the Road to Hell series tomorrow, and each day thereafter, to find the next “treat”! The Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Blog Tour ends October 31st and on Halloween you’ll return to the Road to Hell series blog and receive your final word. Here’s the “trick”—you’ll have to arrange all the words you’ve received each day into a sentence and then provide the sentence in the rafflecopter provided. New entries will be added to the rafflecopter each day so be sure to check back at the Road to Hell series every day to increase your chances of winning!

Make sure you follow the link above to Road to Hell Series to enter the MEGA give away!

Halloween is my favorite really truly is! I love everything about it. I love the history about it, the myths, the legends and everything that people THINK about it. As most of you know, I LOVE magic, the paranormal and the supernatural in all shapes, forms and sizes!

I love being scared. Not zombies scared but anything supernatural BESIDES zombies! I despise zombies. I am FINALLY getting to the point where I have read and enjoyed Zombie books but I cannot and will not watch The Walking Dead (even though I am told it is amazing)! I tried to watch the trailer for it and could not do it. I am scared of nothing pretty much. Except zombies! 

The first zombie movie I watched as a kid was Night of the Living dead. This movie came out Oct 1st 1968. I was not born until 1973 so I watched it when I was VERY YOUNG! We watched a lot of horror movies when we were very young. I was scared of everything as a kid because of this. When I was eight years old, we traveled from Illinois to Pennsylvania to visit family. Little did I know that this movie was FILMED in the great state of Pennsylvania. YES we went to the cemetery where it was filmed. I will never in my life forget this for as long as I live. ALL I saw when were there were freaking ZOMBIES! NO LIE!! Of course, there were none there but my childish mind saw them. I was so freaked out. I don't need a therapist to know where my fear of zombies came from. I already know! 

here is a video I found on the net (I do now own this video and give full credit to for this incredible video)

So now of course I have to post a few NoLD pics right? AND to this day...the name Barbara freaks me out!

so...tell me in a comment below..what scares you?

**BLOG UPDATE: I am now offically ADDICTED to The Walking Dead. Yes it creeps me out, yes I am having day-mares about it but I am ADDICTED! I am all the way through season 1 and part of Season 2. Just goes to show that you do always room in your life for one more supernatural :)

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Unknown said...

I am SO honored to be part of this tour! what an amazing tour!!!!

wanda f said...

Thanks for being with us .My favorite part of Halloween is the costumes young and old I love seeing what people come up with .

Chrissy12583 said...

Hmm my favorite part of Halloween has to be when my son dresses in dark clothes and hides or sits in a chair and waits for the unsuspecting trick or treaters. They get so scared, especially when he has his fog machine hooked up and all the lights are off except the projector on the house. We have a ball. But also seeing all the little kiddies dressed up in their cute costumes. I miss those days when my kids were little.

Beckey said...

My Favorite part is dressing up myself and my daughters :)