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Genesis Queen BLOG TOUR

My thoughts:

I was going to post a character interview and decided to do this instead. I want to tell you what this series has meant to me.

I met Author Gracen Miller on Facebook. Pandora's Box was not even out yet. Gracen was not only putting the finishing touches on Pandora's Box, but was posting weekly snippets of Madison's Life Lessons. There was quite a group of us "hellhounds" that could not WAIT each week for Gracen to post that MLL snippet. That was my first look into what is now the Road to Hell series. I was HOOKED from the first paragraph. NO LIE! I fell in love with the writing, the characters, the setting, the story line and the author. NO LIE! It was so cool not only getting to know Gracen as an author but also as an amazing friend (not to mention AMAZINGLY TALENTED)!

The world that Gracen created with characters Micah, Phoenix, Madison and all the rest of the cast of the series brought me not only closer to Gracen but to a very special group of gals known as The Hellhound Mafia. Fans of the series are lovingly nicknamed Hellhounds and are faithful followers of the series. We have a BLAST discussing characters, who is on what team (TEAM MICAH ALL THE WAY) and just enjoying the what if's of the storyline. I love my hellhound sisters and I am honored to have met them. It is SIMPLY amazing the friendships that you can form over a book series!

I could not have wished for a better series. Gracen held a poetry contest when Hell's Phoenix was published. She asked for a poem to sum up how we thought Genesis Queen would be. I was one of the three winners of the poetry contest. My poem was turned into song lyrics for our heroine Madison to sing in the book AND I also extended the original poem into a full song. The full song lyrics are PUBLISHED in the Genesis Queen. One of the coolest moments of my blogging life for SURE!!! The band name is Devideus (divide us/if you know the series, you will understand why) and the lead singer's name is Sassy, my hellhound nickname.

This series is AMAZING. I really cannot say much more than that about it. Author Gracen Miller has taken good vs evil, heaven vs hell and love vs hate to an ALL NEW LEVEL!!!!

THANK YOU GRACEN! We love you!

"Genesis Queen"

Book 3 in ROAD TO HELL series

Coming December 18, 2012 to Decadent Publishing and online e-book stores


Victory is hollow when fate maneuvers one as a pawn.


Madison’s mission is complete. Nix is rescued from Hell and her son safe from his dark destiny. But as she rests in the safe harbor of Nix’s love, her demonic husband warns of a murderous plot. Can she trust that it’s the truth and not another scheme to claim her for Hell’s throne?


                 Sometimes internal conflict can house our biggest demons.


With allies divided and prophecy heralding defeat, Madison gambles on Micah’s tenuous honor to keep their son protected. Torn between her heart’s desires and her dark requirements, Madison worries her hellish fate cannot be avoided. When betrayal comes from an unlikely direction, all their futures may be damned. In the darkest hour of Madison’s life, an undeniable providence will transpire. Who can she trust? And how far will she fall to defeat her foes?


Amid the rubble of defeat, will Hell’s Genesis Queen dawn?


Genesis Queen Excerpt:

“I like the way you move, kitten.”

She took a deep breath, like she needed the extra oxygen to deal with him. “Did you square away the angels in Hell?”

“Yes.” Details weren’t necessary when they both knew he’d instituted a brutal torture regimen for all of them. “Dance with me?”

“To this music?”

“You didn’t appear to be having any problem.” He held his hand out toward her.

She stared at his palm. Her expression was reminiscent of an individual confident selling their soul was a reckless choice but entering the deal anyway.

“I don’t bite.”

Her gaze felt like an impact against his. “You did in Hell.”

He wrangled the grin under control. “Then I won’t bite.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Micah.”


A casual shrug when nothing about her body language suggested she felt relaxed. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts. “Nix says my idea of dancing is sex with clothes on. He couldn’t tolerate it and if he couldn’t….” She trailed off and gaped at him as if she’d just realized she’d been about to insult him.

Micah grinned. “I haven’t lived as long as I have without executing restraint.” He stepped closer to her. “I’ve controlled myself with you more than any other.” Because she is my woman and deserves my respect.

Madison allowed him to pull her arms free of their defensive fold. Holding her gaze, Micah coaxed her into his embrace…left hip to left hip, his leg thrusting between her knees, gliding upward and parting her thighs.

She bit her bottom lip. Her breathing grew shallow. The heavy beat of the music thumped around them. His pulse throbbed faster.

Hell’s delights, she felt fantastic against him.

“Relax,” he said when she remained inflexible. A soft wind would break one of her bones. “I only want to dance with you.” Like when they’d been married, just a different manner of movement. This one more intimate than what they normally partook.

Her focus locked on his jaw, and she sharply inhaled when he slid his palm down her back and settled on her hips. He executed the first moves and she followed. As if magnetized, they gyrated in perfect synchronicity.


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Dawn Jayne said...

What a great endorsement for this book! Isn't is great, the way some books can have such a profound effect on readers? Even changing the course of a life at times, as it did with you and the Hellhounds.

Every author dreams of that, right? Best. Praise. Ever.

Unknown said...

Thank you Dawn!!!!