Friday, April 5, 2013

Terra's Wrath BLOG TOUR by Meaka Kyel

Author: Meaka Kyel


From Goodreads: "Get on with it!" Max paled.
The shop shook with a sudden burst of lightning and the ensuing thunder.
The man looked up to the ceiling. "Your mother knows I'm talking to you. She's very upset. Max, please. You need to hide."

Freak storms, changing climates... they're all proof that global warming is starting to change our planet. It was only a matter of time before Mother Nature got upset with the damage we were causing. What we never could have anticipated, was how she was planning to get rid of her problem.

My Review: OMG I loved this book! I really truly did. I am trying to overcome my fear of zombies so I had to read this. I AM SO GLAD I DID! I wonder now how many zombie books I am missing out on? This book is not only a zombie story but also has a serious twist to it! Author Meaka Kyel has pretty much touched on some of human beings biggest fears! The yellow eyed zombie apocalypse and the craziest weather patterns in recorded history. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE GOING ON?????

Ok so lets start with the cover of this book. It is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful setting to picture in your mind to start reading this book. It is so fitting! 

So Lane and Gabby are faced with the zombie apocalypse that no one ever saw coming. The yellow eyed freaks as they are so well described are taking out the humans that are not yet changed. Lane and Gabby gather as many of their friends as they can and prepare for doomsday. Throw in the crazy weather that is totally out of control and unpredictable and you have an amazing story of survival, friendship and Mother Nature. There are many characters in this story that keep the story line running so smooth and even. I love how everyone interacts and how the characters are so real. I really hate to put this book in one genre. It has a little bit of zombie apocalypse, magic, end of the world OMG moments and some one sure made Mother Nature mad according to those weather patterns. I love the story line between Lane and Gabby. Lane is def one of my newest book boyfriends.

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