Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cataclysm Board Game

Hello Forbidden Reviews Followers! I have a little bit different of a post for you today. This is a very special post. A friend of mines niece, Amanda attends college in Chicago Illinois. I have watched her grow up for the past 17 years into an amazing young woman. 

Amanda and three of her classmate's challenge was to develop a board game they could market and actually sell. I took one look at this board game and knew this was the game for me. Not only is this a HUGE part of their grade but half of the money they make off the game will either be split among the four developers of the game (including AMANDA) if they are the winners and the other half will go to a Columbia College charity in Chicago Illinois.  IF they do not win, the entire amount will be donated to a Columbia College charity in Chicago. All the money received will be retained they their entrepreneurship group's treasurer until the end of the competition. 

Here is the game:  Cataclysm

Our game is Cataclysm; a post-apocalyptic survival strategy board game.
[intended for 2-6 players ages 15+ due to slight thematic elements]
Your game will come with:
- a box for storage
- 1 instruction manual
- 1 17.5" square playing board
- 6 colored pawns
- 1 die
- 48 colored cubes
- 165 game cards

Our game is immensely professional-- both in print and production quality, concept, and design.

You can get this entire game for only 20 dollars!* (plus shipping) PLEASE EMAIL SERIOUS inquiries or questions to or our team at

For those hard to buy for, this would make the PERFECT present! You are buying a GREAT game, supporting the future of four of our great young adults and it is the post apocalypse based!!! Please help support the future of our youth!!

Thank you everyone!!!

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