Thursday, November 14, 2013

Operation Support Our Troops Mary Kay Style


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mindy Janicke and I am an Independent Mary Kay Sr. Consultant. Our Allstar Unit has been contacted by OSOT with a need they have been informed of by our troops. The men and women that are currently stationed in dry climates namely Afghanistan (and other global locations as needed) are in need of bottles of unscented body moisturizers.

As you may or may not know, our Allstar Unit partnered with OSOT this Spring and sent a very large shipment of sunscreen and SPF lip balms to the troops. They have been very appreciative of our products. OSOT came to us and asked us to please help them again. Not only are our products top of the line but they ship well and store well for our soldiers.

My personal goal for this shipment is $3000.00 in product. As Consultants, we receive no profit from this sale. All proceeds go towards the purchase of the products at wholesale price and some minimal shipping costs.

Monetary donations in any amount will be accepted from private or corporate donors. Forms for tax purposes will be provided by OSOT.

Every dollar collected helps and is so much appreciated.

Thank you
Mindy Janicke

Sr. Mary Kay independent consultant

Please contact me at or paypal donations directly to Thank you again for supporting our troops!
PS I know this is not something I normally do on my blog. PLEASE NOTE!!! This is not an attempt in any way, shape or form to promote my Mary Kay business but to raise money to help support our troops! Thank you!!!

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