Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Get More From Your Books

 Get More From Your Books


Why do people read for pleasure? Actually, let's back up: fewer and fewer people read for pleasure with every passing year. According to the New York Times, "Americans — particularly teenagers and young adults — are reading less for fun." At the same time, employers are reporting that their employees are lacking basic reading comprehension skills while reading scores are declining.

But for those who do read, the factors that all combine to create the right environment for truly pleasurable reading are various and sometimes hard to pin down. During some stages of our lives, we're just too busy to set aside time for pleasure reading; often times, watching TV or a movie seems like less work and equally as rewarding. But we're missing out on so much when we stop reading for pleasure. A good book and a pleasurable reading experience can enhance our lives in so many ways.

When people really love a book, it's usually because it completely swept them away and transported them to another world. It's because the events in the book were exciting, and the characters were compelling in some way. Sometimes, we have to ignore our inclination to think of reading as a chore we once had to do for school and begin to embrace reading as a source of excitement, adventure, imagination, escape, romance, and even eroticism.

Reading paranormal romance books is a great way to kill several birds with one stone. Reading is a great relaxer, it improves intelligence, reading comprehension skills, and has even been shown to increase empathy. Reading paranormal romance can pull you out of the everyday monotony of life, captivate you, and turn you on.

The beauty of reading romance, rather than watching it in film version (either romance films or pornography), is that you get to fill in details for yourself, as you'd like them to be, with your own imagination. You also get to know the characters intimately, so that the sex scenes are even more exciting. Finally, reading romance can inspire you to try new things in the bedroom. These books include everything from dirty talk to BDSM to role play.

For example, after reading a BDSM-themed erotic book, perhaps alone, perhaps aloud to your partner, you and your partner may feel inspired to try some safe and consensual BDSM yourselves! As Adam & Eve writes, literature-inspired kits can help you "explore your senses and enter the untamed world of bondage play." Other kinds of role-playing games will probably come to your mind as you read more and more of these kinds of books. Bringing new situations, toys, or ways of talking dirty to the bedroom can help keep things interesting, as well as keep you reading. It's a win-win situation!

Other kinds of erotic literature include books such as J.R. Ward's vampire paranormal romances (you are all familiar with your favorite BDB to fantasize about), which are thrilling on several levels; Kresley Cole's books; Indie Author Gracen Miller's Road to Hell Series is hot enough to melt chocolate (YUM) and even dinosaur-themed erotica. All these books and more can transport you to new worlds and help inspire your imagination... and your bedroom activities.


Unknown said...

I will never understand those who do not enjoy reading, at least on some level. I can't imagine going through life without books.

They are a great escape and a way to learn about new places.

Talking about books helps you to learn more about the people in your life as well when you learn how certain parts of a story affected them.

Pick up a book! You won't be sorry.

Gracen Miller said...

Life without reading books is like life without breathing…no point in living without the escapism from reality through books.

Thanks for the book plug, Mindy! <3

Gracen Miller

Jackie said...

Great post!! Reading Rocks!! :D