Friday, February 14, 2014

Secrets Room by Kim Faulks

Release date: February 14th 2014
Genre: Horror
Author Kim Faulks

Book BlurbWhat would you do if you woke in a room filled with strangers, with no memory of how you got there, and no way out? 

Morgan Drimmel wakes to find herself in the midst of that nightmare. The gouged, blood-splattered walls scream of terror and torture, and the unrelenting light that shines between the cracks in the walls fills her with dread. 

When the others in the room wake, they form alliances, and Morgan finds herself drawn to rogue biker Slade Rivers. But dependence, for her, has always come with a deadly price. 

Those inside the room have secrets too; dark secrets they will go to any length to keep from getting out. When evil rears its ugly head, Morgan will not only have to fight to survive—she will also have to trust. 

My Review: I love a good horror book. I really do. I used to LIVE for a good horror book. Once I got older and became a mom, horror got too real for me. I had to quit reading it because it actually got to me mentally. Crazy huh? Even movies like the Saw movies I am not able to watch. Guess what? I don't have to worry about that ANY LONGER! 

Welcome to the world of author Kim Faulks. I am not joking but Author Kim Faulks is my new go to author for horror. I am so in love with her writing style. I have not been this blown away by a book in a long time. I can usually figure out a book plot or have an idea of what is going on in a book. Not this one. Not even CLOSE! Secrets Room had me guessing from the very beginning. I was so far off and loved every freaking minute of it! The characters are so real and you get inside their head so quickly. You learn to love, hate, feel and experience every emotion they do as they are trapped inside this room of terror and torture. The experiences and the deep dark secrets that unravel through out this book will have you gasping for breathe as you feel the oppression of the Secrets Room.

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